Tecfidera the benefits

Hello I’m not were to start cause I’m new at blogging and this is all new to me the reason why I names maandhealth means Mahealth.but, reason for my blogging is to help people with my story on my journey to Ms medication.year ago I was started on tecfidera medication by my neurologist.I was on copaxon for over 3 years and in that time I really didn’t see a difference in my relapse remittance.I can’t say this for everyone cause I think we all are different when it comes to our MS.now being on this medication tecfidera has given be a better chance to have better days and make me feel little better about myself.now I can’t say the medication will work for everyone but the trials given to me have done well.I still have problems at times with my MS but I think this medication is helping me by far as the best yet.yes there are certain things I have notice with other stuff I have taken like protein peptide powder form and exercise and little bit light weight training and yoga.even though I can’t move and do as much this combination of stuff is making me a lot better and the tecfidera has wonders for me.I can’t say this is the wonder drug but it is most definitely by far one the best medicines I have taken by far.some people ask me what are the downsides to this medication. Well as all meditations there is always gonna be constipation and nuerogenic issues especially with MS.the only thing I have noticed with this medication is that I have more stomach issues than most but my flare ups have been less than ever.I am on journey here for this blog to give insight on what could be good for someone with relapsing MS.I know how hard it can be everyday moving and Doing certain things around the house and getting out bed.but, why does it stop here.why do we have to be disabled or were we can’t be us.theres no answers for MS but the will power we have to maintain our sickness and also choosing the right team of doctors and people around you.i hope this blog will give you lots of insights and help someone I was very shallow about life and sharing my life with people cause I was afraid nobody would care.my doctors and family and support team all care and I will post many blogs on my life and opportunities to help people and let them know there is help and there is hope.


2 responses to “Tecfidera the benefits

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you find it as a good outlet for your MS journey. It has helped me tremendously to write about my experiences. I was diagnosed in May 2013 and began on Tecfidera right away. The drug has been good for me, with no major side effects. Hopefully it continues to work well for you.

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